Dermal Fillers 

Dermal fillers have come a long way over the years so are by no means a new procedure. Now, new and safer products made form Hyaluronic Acid have been developed for a safer means to a non surgical approach to correcting age related changes to the facial features and the skin.

Fillers can be used to fill fine lines and wrinkles as well as increase volume and shape to areas such as the lips, chin, cheeks and jawline.

Dermal Fillers are for OVER 18s ONLY and you may be asked to present proof of age.

Does it hurt?

Dermal fillers are applied via a very small needle into the dermis. Most of the fillers used contain an anaesthetic which will make the procedure more comfortable. Some may feel mild discomfort.


How much will I need?

This will vary person to person and will highly depend on the result you want to achieve. Some find that 0.5ml in the lips is plenty for them whereas others that amount would make very little difference. Cheeks and Jaw line for example may require 1ml each side.

We invite you to come in for a consultation if you would like to discuss your treatment prior. 

What can I expect after my treatment?

Typical reactions after dermal fillers may include swelling and slight bruising which should last no more than 7-10 days depending on your own healing. The area may feel sore, tingly and possible itching to the surrounding skin.

How long will the effects last?

Again this varies person to person. Within our skin naturally is an enzyme that will breakdown the filler. How much we have is unknown. Also a person with a highly active lifestyle may find their filler dissolves quicker. That being said it can depend on the formula of filler used, areas treated, age and metabolism. You may find your filler lasts anytime from 4-18 months.

How much will it cost?

Using the Juvederm range and lasting 6-9 months prices are

0.5ml £130

1.0ml £220

2.0ml £370

3.0ml £550

4.0ml £710

5.0ml £860

Using the EPTQ (epitique) range filler is priced 

1.0ml £160

2.0ml £310

3.0ml £490

4.0ml £650

5.0ml £820

Tear Trough (Redensity 2) £295

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